on razor’s edge

3′ x 3′ metal mobile

We are poised on razor’s edge. Amidst destruction cause by humans, we are engaged in struggle for future of humans, many other creatures, and Earth and universe. Sitting on a razor’s edge, we must and can save ourselves, many other creatures, and Earth and universe via building a thriving future for all forever.


New Sculpture – “thrive or not to thrive”

Message – To thrive or not to thrive. Our and Earth’s future hangs in the balance. But the balance, our current path, is tipping toward not thriving. Early extinction for humans and many other creatures. Great damage to Earth. We can and must change now to a thriving path to a thriving future. http://www.GChris.com

Thrive! Center

Thrive! Center, a place at which to thrive.

Sculpture depicts home to Thrive! Endeavor, HealthePeople and GChris Sculpture at 1880s era restored farmhouse and barn on side of Mississippi River bluffside in Nelson, WI.


New – global failure – Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

3′ x 3′, metal and plexiglass mobile.

Facing a global threat, the world failed to join together against a virus that will destroy as much human life as we let it. That, in and by itself, is global failure. One that continues. The world’s countries behaved as countries, not a global community. The virus behaves as a global virus.

Much worse than this virus, total global failure is already well on its way to being here. Driven by selfishness and shortsightedness, countries are behaving as countries and not even doing that well. The likely result. Total global failure – early extinction of humans and many other creatures and great damage to Earth. Unless we change now.


New Thrive! Sculpture by GChris – “breathe”

3′ x 3′ metal and wood stabile

Humans and many other creatures need oxygen (clean air) to survive and thrive. We must ensure breathable air for all. If not, we will soon be gasping for what little breathable air remains. It is up to all of us to change our future. Only then will we and many other creatures survive and hopefully thrive. [hopeful message with bright cloud]

Humans and many other creatures need oxygen (clean air) to survive and thrive. Unless we change our future, we will be gasping for air. And then there will be no breathable air. Then we and many other creatures will be no more. Early extinction by our actions and inactions. [warning message if “cloud”, it would have been dark]

New Thrive! Sculpture by GChris – “i can’t breathe”

3′ x 3′ metal and wood stabile

“i can’t breathe” We all need to breathe to survive and thrive. If we can’t breathe, we die. Not survive. Not thrive.

Joining together, we can and must ensure that we all can breathe now and for the future.

Supporting “black lives matter”


New – false promise of another Earth– Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

3′ x 2′, metal mobile with abstract background.

Care for the Earth we have as it is a false promise that there can be another Earth. No other planet close enough. Only select few would make it even if there was one. Not enough time to create ship capable of moving mass numbers of people. But most importantly, the human species doesn’t deserve another Earth after destroying our Earth. Instead embrace, nurture and preserve our Earth we have. Thriving future, but only on our Earth. www.GChris.com

New – existential threat – Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

3′ x 3′, metal mobile.

Existential threats to Earth and all its inhabitants are posed by creatures as diverse as humans and as viruses and bacteria. COVID-19 is just one of them. Each of these is a major but not insurmountable challenge to the future of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Our choice, the humans’ choice, is to cause an endangered future (our current path) or ensure a thriving future for all (much better path).


New – heroes – community raising – Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

3′ x 3′, metal mobile

Thought that during these difficult times, it might be helpful to share a positive thought.

heroes – community raising [sculpture]

Under the chaos of COVID-19, heroes rise to the challenge. Rise to raise their communities out of the chaos. This GChris sculpture is a tribute to all of our heroes.

being neither selfish or shortsighted, together we “raise” our community and our world and together we survive and thrive.

this harkens back to the days when the community would come together for “barn raising” or “community raising – jointly building and sustaining a community”.

here the community together is “raising” its community and world.

New – death rattle – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

2′ x 2′ metal mobile

Message – as earth loses more and more of its vital oxygen, earth’s oxygen-breathing creatures slowly suffocate. the death of the oxygen-producing trees. one living tree remains as last hope or final reminder. the foreboding death rattle is first heard, becomes more pronounced and then is gone. silence. death. early extinction of oxygen-breathing creatures, including the human species.

See at www.GChris.com


New – importance of being “it” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

2′ x 3′ metal mobile

Message – facing the challenge of referencing gender in humans and animals, terms “she” and “he” are becoming less useful. gender is becoming more difficult to apply for people we don’t know well and for animals without gender specific characteristics. we may just want to embrace the neutral term “it” and fully acknowledge the importance of being “it”.

See at www.GChris.com

New – “the undeserving species” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

New – “the undeserving species” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

3′ x 3′ metal mobile

Message: humans, the undeserving species so selfish and shortsighted, deserve not Earth or any world. The undeserving species. The disappointing species. As a species, we humans have proven ourselves undeserving of Earth or any other world. The future portends our continuing to be undeserving until we extinct Earth and all its creatures. Unless we change and build and sustain a thriving future.

See at www.GChris.com

New – not another “earth” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

3′ x 3′ metal and wood mobile

On our current path to early extincting Earth, humans have no right to another planet. No right to another world. No right to another “Earth”.

Our arrogance, selfishness and shortsightedness must end. Our responsibility must be as good stewards of our Earth.

Embrace and nurture the Earth we have. Help it and all its creatures survive and maybe even thrive for as long as possible.

See at www.GChris.com


New – “future foretold and forewarned” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris.

3′ x 2′, metal mobile

Message: Our future foretold and we forewarned. But we changed the future and all thrived forever. We cannot say that we would have changed if only we had known. Our future is foretold and we are forewarned. We will only have ourselves to blame if we do not change and do not build a surviving and thriving future for all. But then we finally understood and changed. Together we built a new future when we all thrive forever on Earth.

See at www.GChris.com

thriving eagle

Thought: Thriving creatures soar above and beyond chaos. Dedicated to the Dakota people, who revered the bald eagle, calling it “the messenger for the creator.”

Sculpture: thriving eagle, 3′ x 2′, Metal Mobile


Thought: Narcissist.  Selfish, short-sighted destroyer of the good. Of the future. Of a thriving future. Challenges all of us to prevent narcissists from destroying our and our children’s potential for a surviving and thriving future.

Sculpture: narcissist, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile

true leap of faith

Thought: Leap of faith from today’s constraints. Across chasms of doubt and insecurity. To future of true thriving and true love. Leap as if your very heart and soul were at stake.

Sculpture: 3′ x 3′, metal & wood stabile

Xtinct – universal justice

Thought: Human’s failure risk early extinction for humans, all other creatures and Earth. In Chris’ illustrated science fiction book – “Xtinct – Universal Justice for Earth, The Decider and Xtinct must apply universal justice to save Earth by deciding whether or not early human extinction.

Sculpture: 2′ x 3′, metal mobile

Shepherd – universal justice

Thought: Unless humans change their behavior immediately, humans’ failure risks early extinction for humans, all other creatures and Earth. Shepherd is a key character in Chris’ illustrated science fiction book – “Xtinct – Universal Justice for Earth,”

Sculpture: 2′ x 3′, metal mobile

no species

Thought: No species should have dominion over all other species

Sculpture: 3′ x 3′, metal mobile


Thought: Achieving Healthy and Thriving Future for All People, Communities and World.

Sculpture: 3′ x 3′, metal mobile

Extinction – failure to thrive

Thought: Since beginning of the universe, we have observed many worlds. Many have thrived throughout their existence. Many continue to thrive. Some fail to thrive. This is the story of one that failed. One that failed by its own actions. This is the story of the human species. This is the story of Earth. This is the failure to thrive. This is extinction.

Sculpture: 3′ x 3′, metal & plexiglass mobile

Trump says he will build ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border.

Trump says he will build ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border. DHS to Solicit Proposals for ‘Wall Structures’ on Southern Border.
In response to President Trump’s call for a ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border, this proposal should be an appropriate response. Thrive! Sculpture submitted by GChris.

strong support for a greater being


Thought: Calls upon each of us to join our strength to support a greater level of being for all people. 

Sculpture: , 3′ x 3′, wood, metal and stone stabile


a mother’s soft embrace


Thought: For the world’s current & future children, a mother’s soft embrace provides great comfort and shelter amidst life’s chaos.

Sculpture: a mother’s soft embrace,  1′ x 1′,  wood and metal stabile


The Forever Solution


Thought: Challenge to “solve for ‘X’” where “X” is the solution to achieving “all thrive forever”. The mission of Thrive! Fully recognizes the near impossibility of finding the solution.

Sculpture: The Forever Solution, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile


whimsically thriving


Thought: Celebrates all thriving forever.

Sculpture: whimsically thriving, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile

thriving through life’s chaos


Thought: Challenges that we should be “thriving through life’s chaos” rather than giving in to it when it threatens and surrounds us. Within the steely chaos surrounding people’s lives, life can thrive. Moving through and out of chaos, life can achieve higher levels of being.

Sculpture: thriving through life’s chaos,  5′ x 5′,  metal (stainless steel) mobile

unifying theory


Thought: Depicts that which brings together disparate thoughts into an integrated theory of reality. Challenges us to bring together our ideas and views into a unifying rather than divisive force for good.   

Sculpture: unifying theory, 5′ x 3′, metal mobile


T!riffic [terrific]


Thought: Thriving is terrific and to be aspired to with all energy, all due speed and all people. Character in children’s illustrated book – T!rrific [terrific] – What will you do to thrive?

Sculpture: T!riffic [terrific],  1′ x 3′,  metal mobile

i envision

Thought: Challenges each of us, I, to envision a thriving future.

Sculpture: i envision,  2′ x 2′,  wood and metal mobile

the decider

Thought: Calls on us to challenge “the deciders” in the world who take us to war, to killing, to destruction of lives, communities and nations and to damaging the earth itself.

Sculpture: the decider,  3′ x 3′,  wood, metal and stone stabile

ever higher aspirations

Thought: Challenges us to have ever higher aspirations as we reach to the stars and the moon and beyond.

Sculpture: ever higher aspirations,  3′ x 4′,  wood and metal mobile

are we thriving yet

Thought: Just as a child is impatient (are we there yet?) with travel, we must be impatient with getting to a better, thriving future. The sculpture’s face is like a child’s face impatient but happy about the prospect of a thriving future.

Sculpture: are we thriving yet,  3′ x 3′,  metal mobile


Thought: Achieving Healthy and Thriving Future for All People, Communities and World.forever

Sculpture: HealthePeople, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile


hope of the rising sun

Thought: Though at risk of being overwhelmed by a tsunami wave, hope is given by the “rising sun” which is protecting against and holding back the tsunami (or at least the full force of it).

Sculpture: hope of the rising sun,  1′ x 1′,  metal and stone stabile

Thrive! for all forever

Thought: Thrive! for all forever lays out our challenge “build and sustain a thriving future for all forever”.

Sculpture: Thrive! for all forever,  1′ x 1′,  metal mobile


all the good that must be done

Thought: As a categorical imperative, challenges and calls upon the world’s leaders as well as each of us to do all the good that must be done. [Quote from “black box” sci-fi novel written by Gary “Chris” Christopherson.] The full title is [do] all the good that must be done

Sculpture: all the good that must be done,  3′ x 5′,  metal mobile

we shall save the world

 Thought: Declares that we, meaning all generations, shall save the world because we can and we must.

Sculpture: we shall save the world,  6′ x 4′,  metal mobile

one becoming whole

Thought: Celebrates the ascendancy of one’s self, interacting and growing with the universe, becoming a whole (being).

Sculpture: one becoming whole,  5′ x 5′,  wood and metal stabile


Thought: Challenges those who would depress, repress or oppress other people. Raises the moral question as to “why” people do this to other people. Calls for good people to join in stopping those who depress, repress or oppress others.

Sculpture: notredeoppress, 2′ x 2′,  metal mobile

a hanging

Thought: Challenges us to end all oppression and all the death and devastation it creates.  

Sculpture: a hanging, 3′ x 4′, wood and metal stabile    

together we thrive

Thought: Challenges us to join together to survive and thrive into the future.

Sculpture: together we thrive,  2′ x 1′,  metal mobile

swords into plowshares

Thought: Challenges us all to turn swords, the destructive forces in life, into ploughshares, the productive forces in life.

Sculpture: swords into plowshares,  2′ x 2′,  glass and metal mobile

thrive together

Thought: Joining together is the path to our thriving together.

Sculpture: thrive together,  3′ x 2′,  metal mobile

sheltered child in play

Thought: Given the proper balance between shelter from and exposure to the world, the creative child emerges as shown through being in play.

Sculpture: sheltered child in play, 1′ x 1′, wood and metal stabile   

just some peace

Thought – With parent and child caught in the middle of war comes the parent and child’s sorrowful plea, a cry for “just some peace in this world and for them.

Sculpture: just some peace,  4′ x 4′,  metal mobile

in support of the children’s movement

Thought – Calls for us all to unite in support of children and protecting children’s rights.

Sculpture – in support of the children’s movement,  <1′ x<1′,  wood and metal stabile

vision of a less vulnerable world

Thought: Through the mind’s eye, we see the forces attacking and the plight of the vulnerable but we also see the hope for and path to a less vulnerable world. Challenges us to create and bring about a vision of a far less vulnerable world.

Sculpture: vision of a less vulnerable world,  4′ x 3′,  metal mobile

a more perfect union

Thought: Challenges us to achieve a more perfect union of people, states and nations.

Sculpture: a more perfect union, 4′ x 4′, metal mobile

endeavor to all thrive forever

Thought: Challenges us to succeed with a vast, sustained human endeavor that builds and achieves a thriving future for all forever.

Sculpture: endeavor to all thrive forever, 2′ x 3′, metal and wood stabile


Thought: Challenges all of us to join together to create and sustain large, positive and timely change and to build a thriving future.

Sculpture: thriving, 4′ x 3′, metal mobile


Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris

New Art Book – Thrive! Sculpture & Thought. Over 100 sculptures and thoughts in new art book available @ Amazon.com as paperback or Kindle book.

Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris supports Thrive! and the Thrive! Endeavor to create and sustain large, positive and timely change and building a surviving and thriving future for all forever.

Acquire Thrive! Sculpture by GChris and 100% of Chris’ payment goes for Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Chris donates his sculpture. For sculpture acquisition costs, see list. To support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760.

Thrive! – All Thrive Forever

Throughout you will find thoughts and sculpture that challenge you to help build, achieve and sustain a thriving future for all forever.

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