About Thrive!


Thrive!® is an aspiration, a vision, a mission and a call to action for building and sustaining a thriving future forever for all (people, key issues, and communities, nations and world).

  • Join the Thrive! endeavor and together help build and sustain a thriving future for all forever.
  • Support Thrive! by networking and by spreading the word using “eMedia” (social and other media, blogs, email, etc.).
  • Act, together with others, to help build and sustain a thriving future on key issues.
  • Act, together with others, to help build and sustain a thriving future for all (our communities, states, nations and world).

Supporting Thrive! are parallel efforts. Each effort has its own mission and its own website describing why the effort is needed, what it is, what vision/mission/strategy is used, and what support is available. They are mutually supportive and form the overall Thrive! endeavor.

Thrive! – Building A Thriving Future For All Forever – www.ThrivingFuture.org  www.AllThriveForever.org  www.ThriveEndeavor.org. Thrive! strives to support and create and sustain large, positive and timely change and build and sustain a thriving future forever for all, including“communities” (local, states, nations, and world).

HealthePeople® – Building a Healthy and Thriving Future www.HealthePeople.com. A vision and strategy for building and achieving a healthy and thriving future for America and world.

Vulnerable – Reducing Vulnerability In America and World – www.WeAreVulnerable.org. Minimize vulnerability via efforts, policies and politics that systematically stop forces that push us down to greater vulnerability and support forces that help lift us out of vulnerability.

Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris – www.GChris.com  www.ThriveSculpture.org.  Thrive! Sculpture by GChris supports our creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change and achieving and sustaining a thriving future for all forever.

Acquire a Thrive! Sculpture by GChris and 100% of Chris’ payment goes for Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Chris donates his sculpture. For sculpture acquisition costs, see list. To support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760.

Thrive! has other blogs – www.ThriveBlog.org and www.ThriveBlog.net – that focus on achieving a thriving future for you and your family/friends, community, country and world.

The Thrive! strategy is to have people of all backgrounds and generations join together in this vast, sustained human endeavor. It strives to motivate governments, private sector organizations and people to seek a thriving future and to work together to build that future for all forever.

Key is people joining the endeavor, networking, spreading the word, and acting together and individually on key issues, communities, nations and world.

Thrive! plays a shepherding, supportive role to ensure we stay true to our “thriving future” mission and our actions are positive and create and sustain positive change.

Thrive!®, Thrive! Endeavor®, All Thrive Forever®, T!® and What will you do?® are trademarks of Gary A. Christopherson.