Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris

New Art Book – Thrive! Sculpture & Thought. Over 100 sculptures and thoughts in new art book available @ as paperback or Kindle book.


Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris supports Thrive! and the Thrive! Endeavor to create and sustain large, positive and timely change and building a surviving and thriving future for all forever.

Thrive! – All Thrive Forever

Throughout you will find thoughts and sculpture that challenge you to help build, achieve and sustain a thriving future for all forever.

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Trump says he will build ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border.

Trump says he will build ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border. DHS to Solicit Proposals for ‘Wall Structures’ on Southern Border.tall-beautiful-border-wall
In response to President Trump’s call for a ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful’ border, this proposal should be an appropriate response. Thrive! Sculpture submitted by GChris.

strong support for a greater being


Thought: Calls upon each of us to join our strength to support a greater level of being for all people. 

Sculpture: , 3′ x 3′, wood, metal and stone stabile

a mother’s soft embrace


Thought: For the world’s current & future children, a mother’s soft embrace provides great comfort and shelter amidst life’s chaos.

Sculpture: a mother’s soft embrace,  1′ x 1′,  wood and metal stabile


The Forever Solution


Thought: Challenge to “solve for ‘X’” where “X” is the solution to achieving “all thrive forever”. The mission of Thrive! Fully recognizes the near impossibility of finding the solution.

Sculpture: The Forever Solution, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile

whimsically thriving


Thought: Celebrates all thriving forever.

Sculpture: whimsically thriving, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile


thriving through life’s chaos


Thought: Challenges that we should be “thriving through life’s chaos” rather than giving in to it when it threatens and surrounds us. Within the steely chaos surrounding people’s lives, life can thrive. Moving through and out of chaos, life can achieve higher levels of being.

Sculpture: thriving through life’s chaos,  5′ x 5′,  metal (stainless steel) mobile

unifying theory


Thought: Depicts that which brings together disparate thoughts into an integrated theory of reality. Challenges us to bring together our ideas and views into a unifying rather than divisive force for good.   

Sculpture: unifying theory, 5′ x 3′, metal mobile

T!riffic [terrific]


Thought: Thriving is terrific and to be aspired to with all energy, all due speed and all people. Character in children’s illustrated book – T!rrific [terrific] – What will you do to thrive?

Sculpture: T!riffic [terrific],  1′ x 3′,  metal mobile

i envision


Thought: Challenges each of us, I, to envision a thriving future.

Sculpture: i envision,  2′ x 2′,  wood and metal mobile

the decider


Thought: Calls on us to challenge “the deciders” in the world who take us to war, to killing, to destruction of lives, communities and nations and to damaging the earth itself.

Sculpture: the decider,  3′ x 3′,  wood, metal and stone stabile

ever higher aspirations


Thought: Challenges us to have ever higher aspirations as we reach to the stars and the moon and beyond.

Sculpture: ever higher aspirations,  3′ x 4′,  wood and metal mobile

are we thriving yet


Thought: Just as a child is impatient (are we there yet?) with travel, we must be impatient with getting to a better, thriving future. The sculpture’s face is like a child’s face impatient but happy about the prospect of a thriving future.

Sculpture: are we thriving yet,  3′ x 3′,  metal mobile

our hopes hang in the balance


Thought: As we move through life, our hopes often seem to hang in the balance as life’s events play out. Calls for us to take control of our lives and not let the imprudent actions of others dash our hopes.

Sculpture: our hopes hang in the balance,  6′ x 3′,  metal mobile



Thought: Achieving Healthy and Thriving Future for All People, Communities and World.forever

Sculpture: HealthePeople, 3′ x 3′, metal mobile

hope of the rising sun


Thought: Though at risk of being overwhelmed by a tsunami wave, hope is given by the “rising sun” which is protecting against and holding back the tsunami (or at least the full force of it).

Sculpture: hope of the rising sun,  1′ x 1′,  metal and stone stabile

Thrive! for all forever


Thought: Thrive! for all forever lays out our challenge “build and sustain a thriving future for all forever”.

Sculpture: Thrive! for all forever,  1′ x 1′,  metal mobile


peace on, with and beyond earth


Thought: Challenges us to achieve peace on, with and beyond earth.

Sculpture: peace on, with and beyond earth,  4′ x 5′,  wood and metal mobile

all the good that must be done


Thought: As a categorical imperative, challenges and calls upon the world’s leaders as well as each of us to do all the good that must be done. [Quote from “black box” sci-fi novel written by Gary “Chris” Christopherson.] The full title is [do] all the good that must be done

Sculpture: all the good that must be done,  3′ x 5′,  metal mobile

we shall save the world


Thought: Declares that we, meaning all generations, shall save the world because we can and we must.

Sculpture: we shall save the world,  6′ x 4′,  metal mobile

one becoming whole


Thought: Celebrates the ascendency of one’s self, interacting and growing with the universe, becoming a whole (being).

Sculpture: one becoming whole,  5′ x 5′,  wood and metal stabile



Thought: Challenges those who would depress, repress or oppress other people. Raises the moral question as to “why” people do this to other people. Calls for good people to join in stopping those who depress, repress or oppress others.

Sculpture: notredeoppress, 2′ x 2′,  metal mobile

a balanced relationship of one to many


Thought: As is true for any object and the rest of the universe, challenges people to create and hold the balanced relationship between a person and many persons.

Sculpture: a balanced relationship of one to many, 2′ x 1′, wood and metal mobile

each other’s back


Thought: Celebrates the power, comfort and connection between people who stand at and cover each other’s back.

Sculpture: each other’s back,  1′ x 3′,  wood and metal stabile

a hanging


Thought: Challenges us to end all oppression and all the death and devastation it creates.  

Sculpture: a hanging, 3′ x 4′, wood and metal stabile    

together we thrive


Thought: Challenges us to join together to survive and thrive into the future.

Sculpture: together we thrive,  2′ x 1′,  metal mobile

swords into plowshares


Thought: Challenges us all to turn swords, the destructive forces in life, into ploughshares, the productive forces in life.

Sculpture: swords into plowshares,  2′ x 2′,  glass and metal mobile

thrive together


Thought: Joining together is the path to our thriving together.

Sculpture: thrive together,  3′ x 2′,  metal mobile

nonlinear path to thriving future (river)



Thought: With a river as the metaphor, challenges us to understand and take the nonlinear path to a thriving future.

Sculpture: nonlinear path to thriving future (river),  3′ x 3′,  metal mobile

sheltered child in play


Thought: Given the proper balance between shelter from and exposure to the world, the creative child emerges as shown through being in play. 

Sculpture: sheltered child in play, 1′ x 1′, wood and metal stabile   

just some peace


Thought – With parent and child caught in the middle of war comes the parent and child’s sorrowful plea, a cry for “just some peace in this world and for them.

Sculpture: just some peace,  4′ x 4′,  metal mobile

in support of the children’s movement


Thought – Calls for us all to unite in support of children and protecting children’s rights.

Sculpture – in support of the children’s movement,  <1′ x<1′,  wood and metal stabile

vision of a less vulnerable world


Thought: Through the mind’s eye, we see the forces attacking and the plight of the vulnerable but we also see the hope for and path to a less vulnerable world. Challenges us to create and bring about a vision of a far less vulnerable world.

Sculpture: vision of a less vulnerable world,  4′ x 3′,  metal mobile

a more perfect union

Thought: Challenges us to achieve a more perfect union of people, states and nations.

Sculpture: a more perfect union, 4′ x 4′, metal mobile

a more perfect union 090707.jpg

endeavor to all thrive forever

Thought: Challenges us to succeed with a vast, sustained human endeavor that builds and achieves a thriving future for all forever.

Sculpture: endeavor to all thrive forever, 2′ x 3′, metal and wood stabile



Thought: Challenges all of us to join together to create and sustain large, positive and timely change and to build a thriving future.

Sculpture: thriving, 4′ x 3′, metal mobile