Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris

New Art Book – Thrive! Sculpture & Thought. Over 100 sculptures and thoughts in new art book available @ as paperback or Kindle book.

Thrive! Sculpture & Thought by GChris supports Thrive! and the Thrive! Endeavor to create and sustain large, positive and timely change and building a surviving and thriving future for all forever.

Acquire Thrive! Sculpture by GChris and 100% of Chris’ payment goes for Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Chris donates his sculpture. For sculpture acquisition costs, see list. To support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at or 301 318 3760.

Thrive! – All Thrive Forever

Throughout you will find thoughts and sculpture that challenge you to help build, achieve and sustain a thriving future for all forever.

Link for Thrive!, Thrive Endeavor, Thrive! Sculpture.



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